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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School

Year 2

Please find daily or weekly home learning activities for your child in each of the weekly folders.

Visual Timetable

Attached below is a visual timetable you may want to use with your child. This something that we use in class everyday and is a great way to help the children structure their learning and know what is coming next. 


Take a look at Oxford Owl for some ebooks for your child to read.

Book Mark/Comprehension Questions

Attached below is a cut out bookmark with a range of different style comprehension questions. These are the same style of questions that we ask in class to ensure the children have a strong understanding of the book they're reading. This is to help support your daily reading with your child. 

60 Second Reading Challenge

Each day a 60 second reading challenge will be uploaded for your child to complete. Below is some guidance on how the children can complete this.

On IXL they are offering a 30 day free trial to support all subject areas. 

Follow this link for year 2 comprehension questions:

Maths Movement

If you'd like to do a fun maths movement session which supports KS1 learning and is only a few minutes long try the BBC Super Movers website: