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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School

Week: 30th March

Year 1 Phonics

Week beginning 30th  March Phonics

Ways you can help your child to learn Phonics at home.   

Continue to play Tech Monster App from the App Store and let your child work through the levels.

Continue to play  Phonics Play Website and play games linking to Phase 5 of Phonics.

Phonics Play have provided a username for children for free, to use while home learning.

Username: march20

Password: home  

Go through the PowerPoint attached, get your child to read the sounds and words on the PowerPoint. Get your child to practise writing sentences with the words on the PowerPoint.

 Help your child to learn to read and write the Tricky Words on the attachment below. 

Help your child to practise their split digraphs a_e, i_e, o_e, e_e and u_e. Watch the following alphablocks video together. 

Attached below is a sheet to work through to record split digraph words. Please cab you help your child to record split digraphs in sentences and practise reading these words too.