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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School


Here in Wagtails we have lots of fun learning. We want your children to have the best possible start to school life. We have an induction programme that allows the children to take time to feel secure and confident within the classroom and school before starting full time. We have lots of communication with the pre-schools and nurseries and a series of meetings and activities with the children and adults to help with a smooth transgression into school. The children also get a ‘buddy’, an older child in the school that helps them within the school day, for example at lunch time and play times.

We have an amazing outside area with a writing shed, and lots of equipment for practising gross motor skills (like balancing and riding tricycles and scooter). We have a sand pit and a digging area as well as a mud kitchen where the children can make their own mud pies, and even write down their recipes. Wagtails classroom has a role play area inside and outside which changes through the year depending on our topic, it could be a garage, a police station or a shop for example. There is a construction area outside and inside too, where the children love to make structures, from houses to roads and aeroplanes. We have sand and water trays accessible throughout the year both inside and outside.

We have PE on a Tuesday morning and the children usually come into school in their PE kits and then change into their school clothes in the classroom after PE.

Wagtails has a snack bar where the children can help themselves to milk, fruit and a small cracker, breadstick or slice of toast in the mornings.