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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School

W/C 30.3.2020

Attached below are the weekly spelling, science and forest learning tasks along with a topic web full of fun activities.

Please choose a day to see daily maths, English and reading tasks. Work will be uploaded the day before to allow you time to prepare before teaching your child. 

Year 2 Spellings

Suffixes est and er 

Children to practise reading and writing words that have had er and est added as a suffix. 

Children to work thorough the est and er sheet below to practise adding er and est to words. Then practise writing sentences with est and er words in. 


Forest learning

Week beginning 30th March

Have a go at identifying the native wildlife pictures on the attached bellow. Then watch out of a window in your house and record if you are able to see any of these. Record the wildlife you see over the period of the week.