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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School

The Secret Garden

We have exciting news!

We have an amazing project to plan and fundraise for, which will lead to positive changes for the children and in time underpin their learning and lead to unlimited possibilities for enrichment throughout the curriculum.

We want to create a Secret Garden that all children can access and learn in every day.

We have permission to use this area of land behind the playing field. At the moment, we are not using it at all.

There are so many possibilities for this space. Some of our ideas are:-

  • To create a covered outdoor classroom/s suitable for year round outdoor lessons for the whole school.
  • To create a large covered area outside our Rabbits classroom to enable year round free flow learning in all weather.
  • To create changing and locker areas outside our classrooms to enable us to spend more time in our outdoor clothes and wellies whilst keeping the school and our uniforms clean and tidy.
  • To build a shed to store our gardening equipment inside.
  • To build wooden raised beds for vegetable patches and runner bean tee pees.
  • To fix our Polytunnel – we have the structure but need to replace the cover.
  • To build a jetty over our pond so we can go pond dipping.
  • To plant an orchard of fruit trees, raspberry bushes and strawberries.
  • To create a pollinator patch and plant wild flowers that attract bees, butterflies and insects.
  • To have our very own bee hives – so the children can become bee keepers and produce their own honey, beeswax soaps, candles and lip balms.
  • To plant hedgerows to encourage wildlife and nesting birds.
  • To build bug hotels, bird feeders and hedgehog houses.
  • To buy gardening equipment – we need wheelbarrows, spades, trowels, rakes, watering cans, bamboo canes, pots, secateurs, gardening gloves, string, scissors, water butts and guttering for the polytunnel.
  • We want to have sunflower growing competitions and grow our own pumpkins.

We have given ourselves a HUGE fundraising target of £20k to transform this space and our school into the wonderful outdoor learning environment the children deserve.


If you have any ideas, contacts, knowledge or time you can lend us, please contact Clare or Chloe in the school office on 01425 672343 or at or pop in and chat to us.