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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School

Outdoor Learning


At Sopley Primary School, outdoor learning is central to all that we do. Our ethos of Outdoor Learning allows our children time and space to develop skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experiences. Outdoor Learning supports the holistic development of our children. We believe that children are born with a sense of wonder and that by providing rich learning opportunities for our children in the outdoor environment we are inspiring them to become lifelong learners.


Children at Sopley Primary School use the outdoor environment to support their learning in all areas of the curriculum and there is rarely a moment when the outdoor environment is not being used to support learning by at least one of our classes. It is well known that when learning takes place in the outdoors it is creates lasting memories for children and thus providing more meaningful learning.

Children at Sopley Primary School take part in a bespoke Outdoor Learning Day every half term, during which the children take part in Forest School activities, team-building activities, care for the wildlife and nurture our amazing outdoor environment. Our Outdoor Learning Days help to develop,

· Confidence and self-esteem;

· Communication and social skills;

· Physical skills;

· Greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment;

· Natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning;

· The ability to recognise and manage risk;

· Healthier lifestyles.