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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School


This calculation policy sets out the methods used to help our pupils with calculations and has been devised to meet requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 for the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is also designed to give pupils a consistent and smooth progression of learning in calculations across the school.

The Calculation Policy shows methods that pupils will be taught within their respective year group. It is shown in teaching order. Children should be confident in choosing and using a strategy that they know will get them to the correct answer as efficiently as possible; pupils are free to choose their preferred method to solve calculations.

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract:

Pupils are first introduced to an idea or skill by acting it out with real objects. Pupils then are moved onto the visual stage, where pupils are encouraged to relate the concrete understanding to pictorial representations. The final abstract stage is a change for pupils to represent problems by sing mathematical notion. This calculation policy aims to show the CPA approach to the different calculations.