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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School

Home Learning

This summer term is set to be an unusual one for us all with the current school closure situation likely to continue. In the last two weeks of the spring term, you rose to the challenge of supporting your children with their learning at home. For the summer term, we have worked collaboratively as a team to plan a series of new topics to form the focus for the children’s learning. However, the main message will continue to be that the most important thing is maintaining your own and your families’ well-being. With that in mind, everyone needs to make his or her own decision about how much home learning they are able to support their child with to stay sane and happy.

Maths and English

Each day we will continue to post a Maths and English task for each year group in the year group folders. We have chosen to use resources from Hamilton Trust for this as they provide objective linked lessons with power points, activity sheets and supporting notes.  If your child finds the tasks set for their year group too easy or too difficult you can use the tasks from the year above or below. These learning activities do require some printing so may not be suitable for everyone at home.

BBC Bitesize

BBC iPlayer and the Red Button are hosting Bitesize Daily programmes each weekday for learners aged five to 14. There is lots of exciting learning that can also be used on here which is very interactive. It is great to use because there are quizzes and games that provide you and your child with instant feedback.

Expert teachers have worked with the BBC to create these fun-packed programmes full of learning and inspiration. Each programme will include a combination of core subjects like English, Maths and Science, as well as other subjects such as History, Geography, Music and French.

Whole School Topics

Every week there will be a new whole school topic to explore. We have chosen themes, which, we hope, will be easy and engaging to teach at home. Each topic will begin with an introductory film or music clip, slide show or virtual tour. Then there will be a range of activities to choose from which focus on different areas of the curriculum. Creativity and individualism is encouraged with the tasks so feel free to adapt and extend the activities to suit your child’s interests or resources. You are free to do all or some of the activities.  Each Friday we will invite everyone to share in a celebration of that week’s learning, as we do when at school in our Celebration Assembly. Everyone through Class DoJo can share photos of topic work and some of these will then be posted on the school website as a record of our summer term learning topics. Children in the Foundation Stage can choose to join in with these topics but will also have their own focused learning tasks as part of their half-termly topics.


In preparation, for the next half term of learning you may like to start gathering some of the following items. You don’t need everything but collecting/gathering things to use could be helpful.

  • Boxes, tubes and containers for junk modelling
  • Shiny foil (could be from Easter eggs), scraps of fabric, wool, feathers, wrapping paper, bottle tops, buttons, sequins etc.
  • Paper – newspaper, coloured paper, unwanted rolls of wallpaper, drawing paper
  • Colouring pens, crayons, pastels or paints
  • Glue (you can make this from glue and water), sellotape, masking tape
  • Natural materials – pine cones, bark, twigs, unusual leaves, soil, seeds, compost
  • Building materials – bricks, construction sets, Lego, sand, clay or playdough
  • Musical instruments – percussion, tuned or homemade
  • Cooking utensils and ingredients
  • Information books – atlas, encyclopaedia, fact books

Please do not go out and buy things. If you don’t have them, that is O.K.

Communication and Support

As the activities and topics are introduced and you begin working on the tasks, please do get in touch if you need any help. You can send messages on Class DoJo, send an email to or telephone the school mobile 07921392884 between 8.45am and 3.30pm on weekdays. We are always happy to help.

Please look after yourselves and stay safe

The Staff of Burley and Sopley Schools