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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School



Please find some activities to support your child's Maths learning at home. At the moment in class we are working on: 

  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers 0 to 20. 
  • Counting groups of objects carefully. 
  • Counting backwards from 20. 
  • Working out what one more and one less than a given number to 20 is.
  • Adding and taking away using numbers to 10 and concrete resources e.g. counters, stones to help us. 

Below are a range of Easter themed activities to give you ideas and share with you the type of learning we have been doing in class. 


Please encourage your child to practise their reading each day. Little and often is the best way to keep those reading skills developing which are crucial for the rest of their learning. The children in Rabbits class last week took home a bundle of books to use at home. In our reading we are using our sound knowledge to work out new words, read tricky words by sight, use the pictures to help us and reread what we have read to check it makes sense. Some of us are starting to predict what is going to happen next and use expression when reading.

Oxford Owl has a fantastic ebook library with a wide range of free ebooks to read. Try different times of day to access this website as like many others is popular at the moment with children during the school day hours.

Ideas to keep reading fun: 

1. Change where in the house you read. 

2. Make a den or cosy area to read in(washing racks and sheets are great for this).

3. Look for websites offering free ebooks to download. 

4. Have a family book that everyone can take a turn at reading.

5. Encourage children to reread familiar and favourite books again and again. 

6. Make a personalised bookmark to use when reading. 

7. Enjoy bedtime stories. 

8. Read whenever you get the chance (little and often).