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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School


Summer Term 2 topic - Author Julia Donaldson

Our topic this term is author Julia Donaldson's books. We will be exploring some of Julia Donaldson's fantastic stories, focusing each week on a different story and linking our English and topic ideas to that week's book. 

Please see the government's 'Hungry Little Minds campaign' for ideas of activities you can do with children aged 0 to 5 years.


Oxford Owl has a fantastic ebook library with a wide range of free ebooks to read. Try different times of day to access this website as like many others is popular at the moment with children during the school day hours.

Reading Eggs are offering a 30 day free trial to their program and app which offer games, songs and other activities to help motivate children to keep developing their reading skills.

Ideas to keep reading fun: 

1. Change where in the house you read. 

2. Make a den or cosy area to read in(washing racks and sheets are great for this).

3. Look for websites offering free ebooks to download. 

4. Have a family book that everyone can take a turn at reading.

5. Encourage children to reread familiar and favourite books again and again. 

6. Make a personalised bookmark to use when reading. 

7. Enjoy bedtime stories. 

8. Read whenever you get the chance (little and often). 


Attached are sound cards for phases 2-5, along with real and alien words for all phases. They're to support any phonics teaching you choose to do with your child. 

Phonics lessons will be uploaded daily. 

Phonics Play have provided a username for children for free, to use while home learning.

Username: march20

Password: home 

New episode of Get Well Soon on Cbeebies to help children to understand what Coronavirus is.