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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School

24th March

Year 2 Science

For science this week please help your child to observe a plant or tree in your garden or one that you can see from inside your house. Help your child to record what is currently happening to the tree, for example ‘I can see buds growing. There are no leaves on the tree.’ Your child will also need to draw a picture of the plant in its current state. In addition to this your child should record the weather and the temperature (using the temperature from an online weather report is fine). I have uploaded 2 pictures of an apple tree for you to use if you do not have a plant or tree of your own to record.  

You will then need to look at this same plant or tree once a week with your child and record any changes you notice.


Animals and their habitats 

In class your child has been learning about animals and their habitats. To follow on from this please help them to select one animal and research why they are suited to their habitat. This could be done by using the Internet, book or observing any wildlife you have in your garden.

Extension – to select two animals that live in two different habitat and compare them.