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Burley Primary School

Burley Primary School

1. Reflections

This half term  our topic is Reflections. 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... In this project, we’ll answer lots of intriguing questions about reflections and symmetry.

What is a reflection? Why can I see myself in a puddle? Does my reflection move? What happens when I move closer to the mirror? How will my reflections change?  Are all surfaces reflective?  What else can I see in the mirror? Is a butterfly’s wings the same on both sides?

This half term, we’ll  look at ourselves in mirrors. Looking carefully in the mirror, we’ll discuss what a reflection is and what we can see. We’ll think about our feelings, and how these can change our facial expressions. Our artistic skills will help us to sketch stunning self-portraits.   By looking closely at shiny objects and materials, we’ll be able to sort them. Using our mathematical knowledge, we’ll create symmetrical patterns from natural and man-made materials. We’ll use different gadgets to take photographs and learn how to delete or save images. We’ll complete symmetrical patterns using various different media. Using mirrors, we’ll practise our doubling skills and create patterns. 

We will finish our topic with children  creating mirror mirror on the wall stories.