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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School

Short-story and Writing Competition

Friends of Sopley School have launched a Short-story and writing Competition for ages 4-11. The entry fee of £1 will help Sopley Primary School buy new phonic books and redevelop the pond area.

Children can enter either or both competitions.

Closing date for entries is Monday 13th June

Short-story competition: Write a short story, maximum 500 words, about ‘The Outdoors’

The story could concern animal habitats, conservation, a journey, a day out, or any type of story you like which is set outside somewhere. It can be electronic or handwritten, illustrated or just text… whatever your imagination wants it to be!

Art competition: Draw a picture or produce a piece of artwork inspired by the theme of ‘The Outdoors’. You can paint, draw, collage, or make a sculpture. The most important thing is to have fun creating!

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs which have been donated buy our expert judges author Chris Connaughton, artist Cathy Morris, and author and outdoor expert Owain Masters from the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust! We have also had donations from Lunns of Ringwood and The Works!

Shortlisted short-story entries will have their work exhibited in Ringwood Library and the winners will win a selection of signed books and goodies.

Shortlisted art entries will have their work exhibited at Avon Heath Country Park and the winners will win a selection of art classes, and art goodies.

Click below for full entry details, prizes and for judges’ tips!